Thursday, January 26, 2006

New feature ideas

Ever used Acrobat Reader and felt it missed something badly?

Ever wanted to be able to do something with a document and your viewer didnt allow it?

Have an idea for a feature the KDE 4 document viewer should have?

Tell me about it! The sooner you tell me the bigger the chance you'll see it in KDE4 are.


superstoned said...

what i would love to see:
annotations on a random place (eg select some text, of course 'texteditor-style', and mark it. and add a note there! show note on mouseover, and make them searchable etc etc.

but afaik, this is in the feature requests, isn't it? als marking of text is. and texteditor-like marking instead of the square we have to make now. those three are the most important features for me, apart from these, kpdf kicks adobe acrobat's ass already anytime (had to use it on windows, it LACKS a good full-screen function and autoscrollig doesn't work half as good. also, the previews have to be increased in size by hand, instead of doing it automatically. and of course, KPDF looks better!).

Lukasz said...

Hmm, maybe it's not a feature request but has oKular done something to make outlined fonts in PDF documents look better? Now (KDE 3.5.0) it looks awful (in Adobe Reader it looks perfect...)

da said...

Document reader are made for Reading, right? I'd like a usefull ebook reader-like experience. Full screen view, zommed to the maximum (in acrobat reader it's called 'zoom visible', without the unnecessary white borders pages have), with optional rotation. Another thing that would be nice would be a comic-book viewer experience.