Thursday, January 26, 2006

New feature ideas

Ever used Acrobat Reader and felt it missed something badly?

Ever wanted to be able to do something with a document and your viewer didnt allow it?

Have an idea for a feature the KDE 4 document viewer should have?

Tell me about it! The sooner you tell me the bigger the chance you'll see it in KDE4 are.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hot New Features!

Having completed most of classes this semester I had some time to hack oKular. I am developing new features mostly alone - Eros is offline since his laptop burnt in August and Albert is helping porting kdelibs to Qt4 and in spare time backports bugfixes to oKular from kpdf 3.5 - therefore the ratio of new features per month is not as high as I would love it to be. It is not low though.

oKular got three new features:

Overview mode

Another viewing mode - you can specify how many rows and columns the Page View can have. Plus you can have a continous and a non-continous one. Useful for looking through the whole pdf in a hasty manner or just checking whether all pages of a print are ok.

Editor-like text selection

Ever bothered the select tool was just too big for what you wanted to select? Editor-like text selection is the thing for you. It feels like kate ;) Plus in the future i'm going to add selection of images too and later Richtext copying to clipboard :) Yay oKular!

Hardware blending!

Yes, since KDE4 is for now a bit far away, oKular uses XRender directly to create the alpha-blended selection rectangles. Now selection is faster then ever. Thanks go to fredrikh for giving me an idea on how to implement it. oKular could damn use Qt4, but I will blog about it later today.

Postscript support is back

Well not a new feature as it already existed, but now with libqgs separated and cleaned up (and released), it is faster then ever! Sometimes even faster then pdfs.

Here is a sample of what all the features together look like.